公司简介 Company Profile
公司简介 Company Profile


在检测方面, 特邦公司与国内外许多著名检测公司有良好的合作。上海特邦公司是国家丝绸及服装产品质量监督检验中心、国家信息网络产品质量监督检验中心、苏州市纤维检验所、苏州市产品质量监督检验所驻上海联合办事处。测试标准包括GB,FZ,QB,AATCC,ASTM, EN, ISO等。根据客户需要,提供经由CAL、CNAS或CMA等权威认可的检测报告,快捷专业的服务使得客户在市场上的风险降到最低。近年来,我公司在为多家知名国外品牌进驻中国市场前提供国内政策和法律法规的咨询,同时提供商品质量检测、认证、制作合格证、洗水标等服务。同时对国内商品出口欧美等国家时,提供目标地的质量法规的咨询,确保企业在生产销售前对市场的要求了然于心,将风险降至最低。



在实验室组建方面,我公司有多名经验丰富的实验室专家,专注的领域有纺织品、玩具、鞋类、箱包、家具等方面,可以为客户提供实验室建设方案,包括提供仪器和耗材,同时可以为实验室提供CNAS或者ISO 9000的咨询服务,确保实验室可以顺利获得相应资质。


Concentrated on consumable quality testing, inspection and certification organization, Shanghai Specialized Quality Technology Company Limited was founded in 2010. At present, SQT encompasses 4 major topic services: testing, certification consultation, inspection and laboratory construction. We intend to provide customers with one package quality testing service on textile, costume, footwear, furniture, Luggage, toys, cosmetics, food contact material and more.

On testing aspect, SQT has well cooperation with some domestic and international famous enterprises. SQT is the joint office of China National Silk and Garments Quality Supervision Testing Center,National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Information Network Products , Suzhou Institute of Fiber Inspection , Suzhou Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection. The testing standards include GB, FZ, QB, AATCC, ASTM, EN, ISO and so on. According to customer needs, SQT can offer testing report (approved by authority such as CAL, CNAS, CMA.etc) and prompt, quality service to help clients minimize market risks. In recent years, we have assisted a lot of famous international brands in successfully penetrating and expanding into china by providing consultation on internal policies, laws and regulations, and service on product testing, product certificating, certificate making, washable label making.etc. What's more, we supply information of foreign legal to ensure domestic firms keep track of overseas market demands and fall the risk to lowest.

On Accreditation aspect, SQT has a professional certified engineer team, and focus our effort to CCC, CE certification. We cooperation with a number of domestic and international authoritative laboratories, and can provide our clients authority certification and efficient service with toys, lamps and lanterns, work clothes, safety shoes particularly.

On inspection/ quality check/ initial factory evaluation aspect, SQT has over 30 employees, 1200 and 800 square meters of warehouses in Song Jiang and Pu Dong respectively, which can support inspection, short-term storage, delivery assistance businesses for client.

On laboratory construction aspect, textile, toys, footwear, Luggage, furniture and more with rich experience of more than laboratory experts can provide laboratory construction & equipment supplies scheme, moreover, consultancy service on CNAS or ISO 9000 to ensure laboratory succeed in obtaining corresponding qualification.

'Strive for excellence' and 'rapidly improving are our management philosophy. 'Integrity, professional 'are SQT pursuing goals. 'Your satisfaction is our honor' is our unchanged conception; SQT will be hand in hand with you for a better tomorrow.

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